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Welcome! The places I tend to paint and meet with botanically minded art students.

Dutchman's Pipe Vine on a dewy morning at home

Welcome to the Botanically Inclined Artist Blog and the website of Kathy Schermer-Gramm. I am a botanical artist/instructor living and working from the verdant Piedmont of North Carolina. I offer one on one instruction as well as events at the following places.


You will find here information on my upcoming classes and workshops through the Botanical Art and Illustration Certification Program at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens at UNC Chapel Hill, a conservation native plants garden. This is a fantastic program, with a long history for those interested in all aspects of botanical art and illustration and the only one of its kind in the Carolinas.

Education Building at the NC Botanical Gardens


Sawtooth Center for the Visual Arts in downtown Winston-Salem is an arts center that offers a variety of art classes. Several times a year I will have workshops as well as introductory classes on Botanical art in Watercolor including an adult week long camp this August.

Sawtooth Center, Winston-Salem, NC


I am also looking forward to a collaboration with the Historic Moravian town of Bethania and Ethnobotanist Michele Williams. We are planning community workshops and field sketching classes in the beautiful Alpha Chapel across the street from my studio. These will start up in September.

Alpha Chapel, Historic Bethania

My home base is the Botanically Inclined Art Studio, found on the second floor of the renovated Bethania Mill, another historic building that includes a couple of shops as well as the popular Muddy Creek Music Hall and Cafe and is connected to one of the several trails that are within walking distance. A beautiful place to be inspired by nature and history.


So that is a little about the places I haunt when I am feeling Botanically Inclined and creative. If not there, then outside being sidetracked by a humble plant out on the trail....which is just fine with me.

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