• Kathy Schermer-Gramm

Garlic painting takes part in the online NYBG's 4th Triennial exhibition 'Abundant Future'.

Abundant Future:Cultivating Diversity in Garden, Farm, and Field

Fourth New York Botanical Garden Triennial with the American Society of Botanical Artists

November 21, 2020 - March 26, 2021

watercolor on paper, 11x14"

Porcelain Hardneck Garlic Scapes (Allium sativum)

It is with excitement and gratitude that I have found my garlic scares watercolor painting in company with the wonderful artists in the 'Abundant Future' collaborative exhibition between the NY Botanical Garden and the American Society of Botanical Artists. As with many other events currently happening, the exhibition is not being held at the NYBG but may be viewed online instead. Later the exhibition will travel to different venues around the states.

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In late spring, hardneck garlic sends up fantastical, looping, false flower stalks. As they emerge, the scapes loop and curl before stretching skyward up to four feet above the ground. Quite impressive also is the sight of these succulent green coils piled high in baskets at a farmers’ market, awaiting someone with an adventurous palette. Porcelain garlic is wilder in heat and flavor than other garlic, and it is valued for a high level of allicin, a sulfur compound. Garlic has been used for at least six thousand years to fight infections and to support health as well as to flavor food.